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Rest assured with a difference!

Till a few years back, office chairs were randomly selected without even a second look. Actually they were just a part of office furniture that was required for the simple purpose of seating. However, with increase in injuries and physical afflictions due to wrong seating postures, office chairs have undergone a sea change.

@Work takes the term ergonomics quite seriously. As a result, @Work offers a range of office chairs that provide the much-needed comfort during the long hours of relying on seating that employees can't do without an average of more than eight hours every workday. In addition, the PU Cushions used in these chairs are developed in-house and offer maximum comfort.

While serving the basic need, the seating solutions by @Work go a lot further and offer sleek designs and stately shades as well. Hence the warranty of 5 years and superior quality make it one of the best seating solutions in this part of the world. What's more, @Work also imports backup service components, so no running around is needed.


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