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Panels for that perfect perspective!

A 75 mm thickness partition with tiles base system, looks elegant, and comes with flexible changing ability.


How to Add on


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Wires Running


75 mm thin-wide matching gives a easy way to solve the wires running requirement, and offers a elegant and economic solution.

Wires passing two panels Wires coming from ceiling Wires passing in T corner
  Vertical wires running American Power & Cable
Wires passing in L corner Plastic wires manager  

75MM Configurations



Tiles Options


Whiteboard tile provides an effective writing space. It is highly erasable with durable quality. Glass tile offers communicative working space and still keep your privacy. Fabric tile is the most frequently used separate component. It offers a cheap and efficient way to build private space.
Acoustic/tackable tile provides tackable surfaces a filled by rubber inside and contributes to sound absorb. Melamine tile is made by 12mm MDF with melamine finishing. It gives wood finishing to workstation. Metal tile normally applied for under worktop tile. It comes with a magnetic tackable surface.
Air flow tile is made of perforated metal sheet. It provides many different holes designs. It encourages passive air circulation between workstations. Accessories rail can receive various types of access and efficient looking office.  

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75MM Tiles Instruction



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