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Flexible shapes. Futuristic looks!

The old concept of the open-plan “bullpen”, seems as the maximum expression of alienation and depersonalization in the workplace, dictated by the fullest exploitation of space for the greatest possible productivity per square meter. However, the real open-plan working space, should enhance the interaction between one another in different working modes, create and strengthen teamwork, which is the precise opposite of the premises of the original open-plan office. At the same time we are transforming from individual working mode, to the collection of different working mode, which emphasize “Speed”, “Flexibility”, “Mobility” & “Communication”. That is what we call “Ideal at work”.

In the information era with the high efficiency and the high speed, the speed is more important than any other issues, and an office environment that is helpful to improve the working speed will determine whether the enterprise can keep one step faster than others at any time.
The survival emphasizes the adaptation. In the different needs, how flexible the employee can be determines how good the enterprise’s adaptation is.
In this dynamic environment at present, the employee can selectively change the geographic location of the work, but not change the working environment, so as to fulfill the maximum working efficiency.
To fulfill pooling the wisdom and efforts of everyone, it will need the working environment with the communication.

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